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INSPIRATION | 5 Splashback Ideas That Are Not Glass.

The splashback can be a difficult area of the kitchen to make a decision on. It's serves a very good purpose both aesthetically & practically & it also sits directly in your eye line, so it's important to consider all of your options. One of the most common materials to use on the splashback is toughened glass. It's very affordable & can be painted in any colour you choose to ensure the perfect match or contrast to your kitchen. It can be clear, or it can even be printed with cool patterns & textures or even mirrored for a slightly more glamorous touch. So yes, glass looks great & it's easy to wipe down & keep clean behind the hob & the sink. However, I do get asked by a lot of clients

"But Francesca what else can I do with my splashback? Are there any other options except for glass?"

The answer is YES! There are so many cool things you can do with your splashback that are not only practical but still look amazing too. Ultimately, it all comes down to your personal taste & the style of the kitchen in question, but to give you a little inspo & get your ideas flowing here's 5 really cool splashback ideas that don't include glass.

All the images in this post were found on Pinterest & you can view them & many more in my inspiring boards HERE.

On trend

Taking inspiration from the trends of the moment can create a gorgeous splashback. Hexagonal tiles are creeping up everywhere at the minute & they offer a modern & practical solution to an otherwise traditional style. The mix of concrete, marble & slate below is bang on trend for 2017; but it's also a really nice neutral selection of natural stones; so once the trend has passed I doubt these colours will date too much. I also love the unfinished look at the top of this splashback, I feel like it gives the space a little character, it's almost quite playful.

On trend splashback

On trend splashback

Extended Worktop

Another great way to add some texture & life to your splashback is by extending your worktop to meet the bottom of your wall units. Whether you've opted for a laminate or a solid, any of the worktop materials will suffice as a practical splashback. See how the wood grain laminate below adds some warmth & texture, while the marble looks cool & elegant.

Worktop Splashback
Worktop Splashback


The splashback doesn't always have to stand out as a feature. If your new kitchen is super sleek & contemporary then why not try a minimal splashback to compliment your design. The black design here appears to match the door fronts with a slight hint of a grain to it; & the almost invisible shelf at the top provides some display/storage space too, (personally I'd add a little greenery up there). The concrete design has chosen to completely blend the splashback in with the rest of the furniture for a monotone & highly contemporary look.

Minimal splashback
Minimal splashback


An upstand is the term used for the small piece of worktop which extends up the wall, usually about 120mm (shown in the 1st image). It's a really nice way to finish off your worktops, it looks tidy & also provides some protection for the wall itself against any knocks & chips. Some people choose to add a further splashback above the upstand, (a piece of glass or tiles for instance) or you can just leave it as is. For a slightly more modern approach extend the height to around 250mm+ (shown in the 2nd image) to give your kitchen an impressive contemporary boarder.

Upstand splashback
Upstand splashback


Also bear in mind that there is no rule anywhere that says you HAVE to have a splashback at all. It's totally up to you. Yes they are a very practical solution, especially behind the hob, but a lot of wall paints these days are scrubbable so you may not even need one; especially if you're not big on cooking, but lets be honest, it looks pretty cool.

One other thing to remember is that whether you choose to have a splashback or not, it will always be the final job in the kitchen because it cannot be fitted/applied until the wall units are in & the worktops are fitted. So if you were still unsure about your choice of splashback, just leave it out for now & it can be added at any time, 6 months later, 9 months later, a year if you really want to take your time, it really doesn't matter. Tiling can be done retrospectively & matching upstands can also be added at a later date if you do change your mind.

No splashback

So you see, there is so much more that can be achieved with your splashback & it can be a great visual addition to the kitchen, adding character & flair; & all without a single piece of glass.

See you next time,



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