ADVICE | How To Survive With No Kitchen.

Having a new kitchen installed is such an exciting feeling. You may get carried away looking at your beautiful designs & triple checking your samples but before you can enjoy your new space it's likely you'll be without a working kitchen anywhere from a few days to a few weeks; depending on the size of the project & the work that needs to be undertaken.

Not having a working kitchen can make life seem stressful, unorganised & just plain difficult; especially if there are a few little mouths to feed too. So there are a few things I'll always advise my clients to do before a kitchen refurb to keep life feeling a little sane.

Slow cooker

My number 1 tip & my favourite option. Especially during the winter months when you still want warm hearty meals. The slow cooker is by far the best & easiest solution to a proper home cooked meal with minimal prep time, space & equipment required. You can make delicious soups, stews, lasagna, bolognese, curries & even ramen; the list is endless.

Camping stoves

Another way to ensure you still have basic cooking functions is to use a camping stove. This is a really popular option with a lot of my clients & will give you the option to still have a small amount of working kitchen to cook with.

Batch cook

This one involves a bit of prep but you'll be glad you did it when the time comes. Make sure there is room in the freezer & make up a few batches of your favourite sauces & dishes. Separate them into containers/freezer bags & freeze. This way when dinner time rolls around all you have to do is pop your home cooking into the microwave & you have a delicious dinner ready in minutes.

Don't forget the microwave

Whether you love them or you hate them, the microwave will be sure to play a big part in your kitchen refurb, so make sure you have a little one handy for your morning bowl of porridge or last night's slow-cooker stew.

The no-cook method

Better for projects that run during warming months but you can easily get away without cooking for a week or so if you need too. There is usually always somewhere to keep your fridge connected, whether it be a living room or the dining room or even the hallway. So stock up on fresh fruit & veggies & salad your way through your kitchen refurb!

Order in

Guaranteed there will be times that you don't want any more microwave rewarms or you're getting bored of your slow cooker stews so always leave a little money in the budget to eat out or order in a couple of times.

So there you have it, simple easy ways to get by that will hopefully make life seem a little less stressful during your kitchen refurb.

If you enjoyed this post & found it helpful, let me know by hitting the heart below or leaving me a comment; & don't forget to share this post with anyone else who may find it useful.

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