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Lighting Design - FAQs with Enigma Lighting

Lighting design can often be quite misunderstood. If you're not aware, it can be difficult to understand what the benefits are of working with a lighting designer; & what they can offer to your project.

Today we are chatting with Faye from Enigma Lighting in Manchester. She is kindly going to answer some of the most common FAQs about lighting design. Hopefully this post will inspire you, & help you to decide if lighting design is something you should consider for your project.

What are the benefits of working with a lighting designer?

We have a vast knowledge of lighting techniques and technology to help you create a personalised environment. We work with you and your design team and electrician to enhance your living space, through the use of lighting colour, control and selection of statement luminaires where required, and we will be there to help and coordinate the lighting design until completion of the build.

Why is lighting so important? I thought I just needed ceiling spots.

Lighting really enhances a space and can create mood and atmosphere. Your kitchen isn’t just used for food preparation but is a real centre piece to your home, used for entertaining & relaxing too. Being able to dress your kitchen and living space with light which works with these uses, makes a real difference to the experience of your living space.

My space is quite awkward, I have pitched ceilings & roof lights, can you help get around this?

Yes. Every design and space is different. We’d take a look at the site if it already exists, or at the architectural drawings and let you know what options are available to you and even advise on special fixing details if needed for your space.

A lighting designer sounds expensive, is the service affordable?

We’re quite flexible in terms of covering our design time. A preferred route for most of our domestic clients, is a design and supply route, whereby we agree with the client to provide the luminaires and/or lighting control to cover our design time.

How does the design service work?

We can be engaged directly by a client or via one of your design team. We then take the brief, visit site if needed, provide a lighting layout drawing and lighting scene set suggestions if needed. We’re available for any queries from the electrical team on site or any of the other design team members.

Do you visit the site and/or work from my architects plans?

Yes. We do both. Ideally we would visit site to see how you’re using your space now (if it exists) and get an understanding of what your likes/dislikes are as well as an understanding of what look and feel you would like in your new space. Coordination is key, and we would talk to all parties involved within your design team, to make sure what you want works. We are also able to provide a bespoke design and fabrication of luminaires if what you want isn’t commercially available or within your budget.

Can you supply all the products I need to light my space?

Yes we can, luminaires and lighting control.

I have a certain budget for lighting in my project pot; can you recommend suitable products that will work with my budget?

Knowing the budget is key. As soon as we know what your spend is for lighting we can use our industry knowledge to suggest luminaires for you which meet your budget and provide the aesthetic you want.

Do lighting designers install the lighting or do they work with my builders & electricians?

We don’t currently offer an install service, but can recommend electricians we have worked with before if you’re struggling to source someone.

If I have any problems in the future, do I contact the lighting designer or the electrician?

It depends which route you have taken to procure your luminaires. If you have bought them direct from us, you can most certainly contact us directly should you have any problems. If your electrician has bought the luminaires via us for your project, then your first contact would be the electrician. If in doubt we’re always here to help and will let you know what the next steps would be.

A huge thanks to Faye for taking the time to answer our questions. I've certainly found it very insightful & hope that you do too.

If you'd like to get in touch with Faye to discuss your project, residential or commercial, you can find contact details, & more information on the Enigma website.

See you next time,




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