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Is Design by Helium Right For Me?

With so much choice on the market these days it's incredibly difficult to understand how some companies differ from each other & what their strengths are. It's so easy to get tied up in all the sales & offers that you can often be left feeling confused & uncertain about a brand. So to give you an idea if Helium is the right choice for you; we have outlined a few reasons below that make us unique from the big "sheds" & high street nationals.

Serviced based

A Helium Kitchen Design

Design by Helium is changing the way that people shop for kitchens. While showrooms are a fantastic way to display products, they are also incredibly expensive to run; & the day to day tasks of running a showroom can sometimes dominate our time. That's why we chose not to have one. Customer satisfaction is our livelihood & without a showroom to worry about we can spend 100% of our time & efforts focusing on you & your project.

Design by Helium brings the showroom experience straight to you. Professional friendly advice. High quality designs & swatches & samples, straight to the comfort of your own home & at a time that works for you. Meeting at your home is also of massive importance to us, because it allows us to see the space, understand how you & your family live within in it; & what we need to do to make it work for you. This precious & important insight is something that can never be achieved or understood from behind a desk.

Want to see & understand our products more? No problem at all, our manufacturer has a large showroom in Greater Manchester displaying an impressive amount of displays. When the time is right we can arrange a visit & we will give you a tour of the products you are interested in.


When making a large purchase on products such as a car, a house or even a kitchen, we totally understand that a great level of trust must be present. It's so important for you to understand that your money & your purchase is safe. In such a volatile & unpredictable market it's so incredibly sad to see hard working companies go under & in such instances they are unable to return deposits or fulfil orders, leaving clients feel hurt, angry & stressed. Helium can guarantee that this will never be an issue. Due to our incredibly low level of overheads, no expensive showroom to maintain & no pre purchasing of stock; our systems are extremely simple meaning each & every project simply pays for itself. You pay us & we then order & deliver your kitchen.

Simple, safe & stress free.

Guaranteed Quality

We are incredibly proud of all of our products. We have specially selected only the best materials & manufacturers to ensure that our kitchens stand up to the best British standards. Manufactured right here in Manchester, each kitchen is made to order with the greatest of care; meaning that the quality & build of our furniture more than surpasses that of most of the big nationwide brands.

To learn more about our furniture, take a look at our QUALITY GUIDE.

Affordable luxury

Not running an expensive showroom has another great advantage too which benefits you, our lovely clients. We don't have any expensive business overheads to cover which allows us to work with relatively small profit margins. This means that we can offer a higher specification of products at surprisingly affordable prices. Working towards your desired budget we will always design a kitchen that is within your reach. We will also advise on any up or downgrades that are available so you know exactly where you're spending your money.

Bespoke & Made to order

All of our kitchens are completely made to order. We don't keep any items in stock or pick anything from warehouses, everything is made specifically for you. So if you want something that's extra special (like this dreamy pantry) in a slightly smaller size, our talented manufacturer can make it for you with the doors & internals of your choice.

Not just made in Britain...

All our Kitchens are made in Manchester

As an attentive local business, we love to support local where ever we can, & what better place to have our products made than the manufacturing centre of the North West. All of our kitchens are proud to hold the Made in Manchester title! If we need any extra products or replacements having a local manufacturer also benefits us with an order lead time of days instead of weeks.

A small & mighty range

Although our range is actually much more extensive than you'll see on the website; Helium have purposely cherry picked the most versatile styles, the best materials & the most suitably priced ranges to give you a solid core range that can create any style of kitchen. All of our doors are painted to order in a stunning selection of gloss & matt colours, so you'll be sure to create the kitchen of your dreams with minimal confusion or stress.

Take a look at the KITCHEN RANGES here.

Beautiful textures & unique features

Alongside our standard range of matt & gloss paints, the MODA BY HELIUM range is a truly beautiful selection of feature & textured doors. They are incredibly unique, use them sparingly to make sure your kitchen is 1 of a kind.

Shown above

Matt graphite + tarnished brass + halifax oak = swooning!

Find out more about the MODA range here.

Installation & Project Management


Helium offers optional installation services from our talented & trusted fitters. Or you can choose to have your own fitter/builder fit your Helium Kitchen. We have a very hands on, attentive approach & will be on site most days & you will receive daily updates on your fit.

Supply only

If you choose to have your own fitter/builder fit your Helium Kitchen, that's no problem at all. We can deliver your goods to site & we will still be on hand for any queries or advice.

Cleaning Service

Fitting a kitchen can be a messy job, although our fitters tidy & sweep up everyday, it's inevitable that your drawers & cupboards may be dusty from the installation. That's why helium is partnered with a lovely local team of cleaners who are on hand to make sure you new kitchen is free from sawdust & debris, inside & out. Meaning you can move straight back in at the earliest convenience.

Other trades

Here at Helium we have a great little network of local trades, including architects, builders, painters & tilers. Purchasing your kitchen with Helium will gain you access to this network on a recommendation basis to ensure that every aspect of your project is completed with the greatest of care.



If you're looking for a beautifully unique kitchen that comes with a sophisticated & attentive service; that also supports the local economy then Design by Helium is definitely the choice for you!

If you'd like to talk to us about your up coming project, simply get in touch with us via the CONTACT page.

See you next time,



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