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With the world in crisis about pollution & waste, I think it's safe to say that we've all become a little bit more aware of how we can help the environment. There are a tonne of ways to ensure that we are all reducing & reusing as much of our waste as possible; & with the planet's health at the forefront of everyone's mind there are some great modern features you can add to your kitchen to ensure that your home is a little more eco friendly.

Eco friendly kitchen

Integrated recycling

With councils getting fussier than ever about our bins, it's really important that we organise our recycling properly to avoid fines, ensure regular collections; & to recycle as much waste as possible. Although they can often be forgotten, the kitchen bin can make a huge difference in assisting with your house hold waste control. Depending on your council & how many bins you need; our range of integrated bins are great for keeping your waste organised & ready to be recycled. The 4 compartment version below holds a massive 84L in just 1 cabinet & has individual removable compartments so you easily organise & remove your household waste.

Kitchen Recycling


Quooker taps are a great way to start reducing your water & energy usage. The beloved kettle is one of the most notorious small appliances for wasting both water & energy; but the Quooker tap will instantly tackle these problems, by reducing your water, energy & plastic usage all at the same time. By providing the exact amount of boiling water as & when you need it, there is no boiling, throwing away & re boiling of the kettle needed (we're all guilty of this). In standby mode the Quooker only costs around 3p a day to run & in return you can have, regular hot & cold, boiling & filtered water (reducing he need for bottled water) all from the same wonderful tap.

Eco friendly Quooker taps

Team your Quooker with a reusable thermo flask to use on the go, keep your cold drinks cold & your hot drinks hot while reducing your plastic footprint. We love the cool designs from Chilly Bottles who produce gorgeous thermo flasks, travel mugs & food pots.

Switch to induction

The switch from gas to induction can feel difficult if you're used to cooking with a flame. Aside from amazing safety features & their sleek appearance induction hobs can be super eco friendly too...

Little to no heat loss - Ever been cooking at your gas hob, absolutely boiling with the window open? This is because it is believed that up to 40% of the heat from the gas hob is lost into the surrounding atmosphere, meaning your flame is heating both your pan & your room at the same time. Induction works through a direct magnetic connection between the hob & the pan, (Shown by the Fisher & Paykel hob below) meaning only the pan & it's contents are heated; even the surrounding areas of the hob will stay cool, keeping down energy loss while ensuring maximum cooking results.

Super fast boiling times - Thanks to power boost modes, you can boil water twice as quick as a standard kettle whilst using less energy in the process. If a Quooker tap isn't for you, consider an induction kettle instead. It will save time & energy & can be be easily stored away when not in use as it doesn't need to be plugged in.

Eco friendly induction cooking with Fisher & Paykel

Vacuum drawer

If you're serious about reducing waste, a vacuum drawer is a great addition to the kitchen. They appear as a warming drawer from the outside, but this clever appliance enables you to completely reseal your food meaning it lasts much longer. Vacuum seal food bags, tins & glass jars (great for taking baby food on the go) ready for freezing, sous vide cooking, travel or simply for better, longer storage; ultimately equalling in less food waste. Some containers such as glass jars can be vacuum sealed again & again which also eliminates the use for plastic food bags.

Find out more about Vacuum sealing from the experts at Miele.

Miele Vacuum Drawers

Which of the above suggestions would love to have in your dream (eco friendly) kitchen? Let me know in the comments below & let's keep the conversation going.

See you next time,



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