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STYLE | 3 Ways to an industrial kitchen

The industrial style remains popular in 2019 & it's a great way to add some interest to your kitchen. By using various materials, textures & metallics there are so many ways to add just a simple touch, or a boat load of industrial style to your home. So today I wanted to share with you just 3 simple ways that you can bring those cool factory vibes into your new kitchen.

For the ultimate industrial kitchen

Mix your textures. Channel the factories of the north west & think stone, brick, wood & metal, it's 100% OK to use them all in one room if you want that raw & heavily industrial look. To keep things consistent, choose textures that have similar tones & colours running them. The kitchen below has a deep grey on the Asteroid slate units, running through the wood grains, on the tile grouting & on the marble veining. Although there are 4 different materials here, they are all tied together by that small hint of the same colour.

Industrial style kitchens

Industrial style kitchens

Add some open shelving

Open shelving is a great way to add another dimension to your kitchen. While being a super practical place to keep books, or your favourite mug for easy reach, they also allow you to use an accent colour or texture without it overwhelming the space. The industrial style plays really well to being a bit undone too, so mixing closed storage & open shelving together to create visual features is a great way to add some interest to your cabinetry.

Industrial style kitchens
Industrial style kitchens
Industrial style kitchens

Industrial can be sleek & minimal

Usually the first thing that comes to mind when you mention industrial is busy, raw a little mismatched perhaps. However, your industrial space can be calm & sophisticated if that's more your style. While still channelling those cool textures & natural features of the manufacturing world, opt for sleeker lines, brighter finishes & simple layouts to keep the space constructed & in order.

Industrial Style Kitchens
Industrial Style Kitchens

For more inspiration for your industrial style kitchen, check out my "Industrial" board on Pinterest.

Which of these industrial kitchens do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below & let's keep the conversation going.

See you next time,




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